Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In Other Words--What Am I Clinging To?


“You can’t cling to a mask and God at the same time.”
~Dr. Juli Slattery~
“Beyond the Masquerade”

I have not read this book, so I am not sure what the "masquerade" Dr. Slattery refers to implies. But I assume that it is a pretense of something that we are not. We have all seen, and been, masquerading Christians. We have all smiled and said all was fine when our world was falling apart. We have all done good things out of duty rather than with pristine motives. We can all be condemned for picking up a mask from time to time.

But, picking up a mask because it is useful in a situation is not the same as clinging to it. Clinging means that we are unable to let go. Unable to accept that the fantasy life we create is not reality. Unable to face the mirror honestly. Clinging onto a created persona is denying who we are created in Christ to be. And that keeps us from trusting him. Trusting ourselves denies trust in Christ.

I think that the differentiation is important, because we sometimes accuse someone of pretense, and therefore not trusting God, when the reality is that they are private and reserved. Just because someone does not share every sordid detail of their life does not mean that they are clinging to a mask. It may mean quite the opposite. They may have learned to cling so fully to Jesus that they do not need to engage the world's pity or acceptance. What we see as a mask may be their retreat into the arms of Jesus.

Sometimes God calls us to full disclosure. Other times he encourages us to privacy. All the time he calls us to trust him. We must cling to him. Clinging onto anything else we only lead to disappointment. Masks, good deeds, right intentions all must be let go of in order to cling to him.

But be very careful to keep the commandment and the law that Moses the servant of the LORD gave you: to love the LORD your God, to walk in all his ways, to obey his commands, to hold fast to him and to serve him with all your heart and all your soul."
~Joshua 22:5~

This week's hostess is Karen at In Love W.I.T.H. Jesus. Come and be blessed!


Karen said...

Well said, thanks for sharing today. Its true we don't have to expose everything in our lives. Some things are private but when we cling to something we are hiding behind instead of God that's where we go wrong. Pretending to be something we aren't seldom works eventually the mask falls off. Makes me think of Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire. Him watching from the window as the truck runs over the mask he had designed just for him. We need to let them fall and stop requiring ourselves and others to wear them. Have a great day!

Debbie said...

I think you make several excellent points. You're right; some people are more shy and reserved. It may be uncomfortable to open up to others. Hopefully, they have a good friend to open up to. And you also mention not sharing all of the sordid details with all. I am in agreement with you.

Even in my current challenges, I try to never dishonor others who are involved. I also try to protect the privacy of those closest to me and only share what we have agreed upon to share.

Trusting God is a step of faith. I'm learning that He is indeed trustworthy.

blessings and love,

Tami Boesiger said...

Trusting ourselves denies trust in Christ.

Powerful statement friend.

And I'm guessing you consider yourself a quiet or shy person and are tired of being labeled guarded. You make your point well here.

You remind me to stay close to God, communing with Him every day and live how I see best, whether people understand it or not.

I commend you.