Friday, September 12, 2008

It's My Turn! (In Other Words)

It's my turn to host In Other Words on Tuesday! I'm excited to see what you all will do with the quote that I have chosen. However, I'm a little nervous about getting Mr. Linky to work the first time, so please be patient with me! The quote is in a discussion about Hagar in the book Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible. For your information ahead of time, a "slightly bad girl" is someone who loves God and often tries to follow, but still has trouble trusting at times. Isn't that just about all of us?! See you on Tuesday!

“Still, accepting God’s existence is one thing; honoring his command is another matter entirely, especially if we’re required to go back when we’d rather go forward.”

~Liz Curtis Higgs
from Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible~

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e-Mom said...

I heard Liz Curtis Higgs speak at a writer's conference. She's one spunky lady! The titles of her books (Bad Girls) are really enticing. Have you read any of her books? :~D