Tuesday, August 05, 2008

August Goals and July Review


August is already here?! Time to review goals.

Last month's goals:
*Complete year K education with Jewel We will finish on Thursday--took a couple extra days to go a business trips with German
*Order year 1 curriculum for Jewel and any add-ons to PreK I need for Flower--done, except for math
*Choose a math curriculum! --chosen (I think) but not ordered
*Clear out one closet and donate unused clothes to charity --no
*Strip paint off of old cabinet and prep to stain --75% of first 2 layers removed
*Complete one stripe (10 states) on my Flag Sampler--completed 6 1/2 states
*Complete one quilt currently in works and plan for one more quilt --yes, one finished (need to post pics), one cut out and 50% pieced, another planned but can't find the right fabric!
*Read Ministry of Motherhood --read? what's that?

August Goals:

*order math curriculum
* Clear out one closet and donate unused clothes to charity
* Finish stripping paint off of old cabinet
* Finish 3 1/2 states plus Liberty stripe on Flag Sampler
* Read Ministry of Motherhood--will be my travel book
* Prep for and then go to Romania for 2 weeks to help out in the churches and children's home

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Kristin said...

I am continually impressed with everything you do.