Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mom is not allowed to be sick

*ugh* I am sorry I disappeared on everyone! I managed to miss the memo that mom's are not allowed to be sick--and made up for it all at one time. I cannot think of a time, ever, that I spent two days in bed ill. Really who has time for that? With this wonderful bug that invaded my home I spent five days in bed. FIVE!! And three of those the girls and German were also in bed sick. And they stayed in bed three days past me. *double ugh* The doc said it was *just* a respiratory virus. Except Flower who had tonsilitis as well. But then the doc did not hear my cough that would last three minutes minimum each time I coughed. So, obviously, blogging was not the priority.

But we are back in the land of the living. Actually we have been back in the land of the living for a week. But between Mt. Laundry and the wonderful task of disinfecting my entire house to GET RID OF THIS BUG, I still haven't had a priority of blogging. I am soooo glad to be back. Thank you to those of you have checked in on me. I promise I'll try not to disappear again.

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