Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's a Holy Grail kind of weekend

This is one of the most important weekends on my calendar. Can you guess why?

You probably would not know this about me--since I come across as quiet (hee hee) and reflective (ha ha) and well you know the mousy type that stitches and quilts and studies and not much more--but the truth is I am not those things. Well I do stitch and quilt and study, but I am also a near true fanatic Motor Sports fan. February 17 has been marked on my calendar for months now, well since November, because it is the true start of the year for me. Yes, I will be taking a spot in front of the telly in a couple of short hours to watch the Daytona 500. Yippee we are going racing again.

Are you shocked?

Don't be embarassed. Most people who meet me in real life don't peg me for a race fan either. That is until I start talking racing.

To give you a taste...I subscribe to 100 blogs in my reader--7 of them are Motorsports news blogs that tell me the same thing, German subscribes to AutoWeek magazine but he doesn't get it to read until after I've read the NASCAR section, and I have been known on many occasion to check NASCAR's website before I check my own email. It's addictive.

This year I am a little lost about who I want to win. I have always been a Mark Martin fan...and it definitely had to be Ford powered. But now not only does Mark drive a Chevy but he drives the #8 and, although not a Dale Jr fan, I refuse to support DEI. So I need to choose a driver, like in the next 90 minutes. Leaning toward Carl Edwards, but not convinced. But I can't wait for the season to begin.

But this weekend ended up being Motorsports heaven. Yesterday we spent the day at a MotorSport Rally. It was held down the road from us (we are actually close enough that we could hear the cars for 3 hours of racing after we left the course). I have not paid much attention to rally racing except to know that it was a timed event and that a co-driver is used to tell the driver the course that is not known in advance. May I just say that it was a blast to watch. The stretch of the course that we could see was really very contained, so the speed was great. But the agility of the cars and watching them slide through the hairpin curves was totally cool. We watched for about an hour before we got in out of the cold. And we have already noted the dates for next year. *gleeful clapping *

Fast cars, the smell of racing fuel and burning tires, and that sound of the engine. What more could a girl want?

Enjoy the race!

(sorry there are no pictures...our first rally race and we forgot the camera and the few on the phone camera just don't capture it)

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xsquared said...

I've never, ever seen a NASCAR race, either live or on the TV. My old boss went to one, when our company sponsored a car, and she expected to hate it but got TOTALLY into it :)