Monday, February 19, 2007

Back to the Land of Blogging

Thank you for your concern and your encouragement last week. The week did get markedly better, but I could not find any computer time. Here's the recap:

Wednesday--I decided we would have a better day. Period. I was not going to allow spiritual and emotional attacks in our home. Jewel was still sick, but not coughing as much. We managed to do two full days of school work in one to make up for Tuesday. I got the main rooms of the house ready for company this week (just keep it decluttered and vacuum on the day). Then dear husband asked Wednesday night if we could have a dinner guest on Thursday evening. Uhmmm....ok. He did offer to make it Monday (today) instead at which point I paniced. He wasn't supposed to be home tonight (oops...I forgot to tell you the late meeting causing me to stay overnight was canceled). I was counting on not having to cook a big dinner since I have the quilting Valentine meeting here today and the BIG teaparty here tomorrow. So, no, Monday is not good for dinner guests. (Men don't get it--"you're just making tea, how hard can it be?" uhmmm tea/coffee, sweets and sandwiches for 20!) But I digress.

Thursday: Jewel was feeling worse. Spent most of the day curled up reading books to her. But we were able to have German's friend over for dinner and had a great time.

Friday: Jewel was much better! Hallelujah! German had taken the day off for us to have an all day date, so I was very glad she was well enough to leave with the sitter. The sitter is a teen from church who our girls adore. Her mother is a nurse, so I knew if Jewel got worse she had help 5 minutes away. And she was sure it was no problem to keep them. (And they did great). So German and I spent the afternoon wandering around the War Museum in Manchester, doing some shopping, going to see Footloose, the Musical, and a fancy dinner out. We had a blast! I highly recommend dates with your husband.

Saturday: Jewel didn't cough all day! German and I did our taxes. Then we all went to a "Beetle Drive" at church to raise funds for the youth group. Great fun! (well, not the taxes part)

Sunday: Church then an afternoon of baking for the tea party.

So, thank you for your prayers. I know God's hand was with us. Although the busyness and illness didn't just go away, I was much more capable of coping. I do knkow that it won't always be this hard, and I know that someday I'll miss them being so dependent on Mom, so I'm trying to cherish the time. Your encouragement made that easier. Thank you!

Now, I'm off to set up for the Quilting party. Have a blessed day everyone!


Tami Boesiger said...

Glad to see God sustained you, MiPa. Blessings on a new week!

xsquared said...

So glad things have improved for you!

janiswrites said...

I am glad that your week got better for you. Have fun at your tea tomorrow! Blessings!

Margaret said...

I'm glad the sickies are leaving your house..... Have fun with your quilters!!!