Monday, January 02, 2017

January Goals

Last January I wrote,
"One thing I know about myself, if I really want to take a goal seriously, I need to write it down. And if I doubly want to take it seriously, I need to publish it. I like to reach goals. I like to mark things off my list. And it encourages me, rather than discourages me. So, I once again begin the year with a review of my master 2015 list and my January goals."
And the truth of that statement is immense.  I did not post goals (or anything) after March. And so when I went to do a goal review, I could not even find my master list for 2016.  It is here, but I don't know where.  I do know that I did not lose the weight I wanted to lose, or memorize all the verses I wanted to memorize, or blog nearly enough. I did finish two largish cross-stitch project, but not the largest two that have been going the longest. I read 100 books, but that was due to the accountability of keeping up with them online at Goodreads. So, clearly, posting goals helps keep me on task. To that end I am posting both my January goals and my master list for 2017 so that next year I have no excuse!

1. Read 4 books that are not school related, set in at least one country that is not UK or US, and that meets at least 3 prompts on my reading challenge.
2. Blog 5 times
3. Finish stitching A Mind Independent and Free
4. Plan out Australia block for Neighbourhood Round Robin and gather materials
5. Scan Jewel's school portfolios from Germany

Master 2017 list:
Books:  Read 100 books (including those used for school)
             Read books set in at least 30 distinct countries
             Complete PopSugar Reading Challenge and Advanced Challenge (52 books)

Cross-Stitch/Quilting:  Complete stitching A Mind Independent and Free
                                      Complete Neighbourhood Round Robin 2
                                      Complete Bride's Tree Ornament sets
                                      Start/Finish Autumn and Spring Garden
                                      Participate in Ornament Exchange
                                      Stitch Ornaments for each of the children
                                      Make baby quilt for godson and his wife (June)
                                      Organise and participate in Round Robin with CSC

Other: Eat healthy and lose some weight
           Blog 3x per month minimum
           Memorize 24 verses
           Decrease paperwork saved in household by 50%


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