Monday, January 30, 2017

I don't mean to be silent. There are millions of thoughts in my head that are making it to paper and into conversations with my girls. But, I have always wanted this to be a place of refuge and encouragement. I have never wanted to have a political blog. And if I were to voice so much of what is my head right now, this would be a political blog.

Back in November 2015, Ann Voskamp wrote in her blog, something that her husband had said during harvest that has stayed we with me,

"I don't know what to think---so maybe I just thank."  

So, since I can't find anything else to say in terms of what I think, here are some things I'm grateful for today:

*a family that is healthy and safe and together
*an adopted home that we immigrated to 16 years ago
*friends who love us in spite of  a prevailing attitude that immigrants are not welcome
*work that more than adequately meets our needs
*clean water
*freedom to choose where we will go to church
*excitement that as a church we can plant a new fellowship in another area of town without conflict
*joy in watching Tree learn to read. Knowing that I am teaching him that
*opportunities for the girls to develop their leadership skills
*travel that  is expanding my horizons
*Comfort in Knowing God is Sovereign!

I don't necessarily know what to think as I watch news. My heart breaks at situations and divisiveness. But God has not forsaken his throne. He is not surprised and He will not be defeated by any darkness I see. So I will take Hope in that. And I will continue to give him Praise for the things He has allowed to me.

I needed the reminder today. Wanted to share!

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