Tuesday, February 02, 2016

February Goal Post

Well, I did not get off to a storming start of posting on the blog in 2016.  I find myself staring at what I've written and thinking that it is not very original or even readable.  Maybe this month.  But in an effort to stay on track with goals, here they are:

In January I said:
1. Start Drawn Thread Winter Garden as my January start, and complete house on it--started and house is 25%
2. Mind Independent and Free to 30%--maybe 25%
3. Complete one Bride Tree ornament--no
4. Read 6 books (1 non-school)--Yes--7!  School related I read Dr. Jenner and the Speckled Monster, Mary Jones and Her Bible, The Sherwood Ring and A Heart Strangely Warmed to Jewel. I read The Land I Left Behind to Flower. Just for me I read Nightingale and The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde.  Jewel proclaims that the Sherwood Ring is one of her all-time favourites, so that is a success.  I really enjoyed Nightingale as well.
5. Blog 8 times--LOL!
6. Memorize 2 verses--memorized one, meditated on a 2nd but would not claim it is memorized
7. Cut sugar intake by 75%--yes

My February Goals are:
1. Finish the cottage on Winter Garden
2. Get Mind Independent and Free to 30%
3. Complete one Bride Tree ornament
4. Read 6 Books (3 non-school)
5. Blog 3 times (let's be realistic)
6. Memorize 2 verses
7. Maintain lower sugar intake in diet

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