Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Marriage Monday--Faith and Marriage

There are very few places on this earth that German must consult with me before accepting a job transfer that would require a move. Parts of Africa. The Middle East. Germany. Parts of South America. That's it.

Wait, you say. Germany? You love Germany. And you would be correct. But Germany is one of the few countries where we could work and live that homeschooling is totally illegal. We have believed from before we had children that God called us to a lifestyle that included educating our children on our terms. Therefore Germany is on the off-limits list.

So, that day in June when the call came, we were both surprised at our confidence and peace with the answer.

German: "They want me to interview for a new account. It's in Germany."
Me: "Go for it, how soon will we go?"
German: "Immediately. Are you sure?"
Me: "God will still provide for school. Be sure it is included in the package."

That was the discussion. I was in a taxi on my way to the train station. The girls were with me and I didn't want to get them worried. German was in a taxi in London on the way to a meeting. He said later he was surprised I did not have more questions. But I was totally at peace. I knew that this would mean a new lifestyle entirely. Yet, I was utterly convinced that God had orchestrated this move (remember this is before we even had the job) specifically for one of the girls. When German got home he said to me, "I think that this move is about ___". He named the same child that I am/was convinced this was destined to develop. I laughed aloud--isn't God good to reassure with the same thought.
(And weeks later when discussing the move with a friend she said, "You know this move is all about ___ don't you?" Yep, same child mentioned. Confirmation.)

So many people have been surprised by my okayness with all these changes. All I can relate it to is that I have absolute faith that German is leading this family according to his best understanding of God's leading in his life. If we did not have trust in each other's faith in God, we would be lost. But because we know that we individually are seeking God, we can trust one another. For me that is how faith exhibits itself in my marriage.

To see what an amazing group of women are writing about faith and marriage, please visit Chrysalis Cafe. You will be blessed.


Lisa Maria said...

MP what a lovely testimony of how faith works in your marriage! My husband and I have a similar understanding but yours is exemplary...congratulations!

Thanks for blessing my blog with your sweet comment.

God's blessings to you both!

e-Mom said...

Love this post! Your spirit of adventure, your trust in the Lord, and above all your support of your husband speaks volumes.

Cheering loudly!

Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday, MiPa. You're always free to link up until midnight Wed PM MT (USA). We're off to a slow start in 2013, but I thought we should get MM going before too much more time slipped by.

Hugs, e-Mom

Tami Boesiger said...

Is your middle name FLEXIBLE?! I fear I would not have the same adventurous spirit as you, friend. Well done.