Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Keeping Peace in the Midst of Change


“True peace comes from embracing what is,
not from ceaseless striving to change everything around me
to make my life more safe, secure, comfortable.”
Dan Meadows in the Mosaic Bible

We had been in the UK for two years. Our work visa was due to expire. No one could get any confirmation that we would get an extension. I had a newborn. And I knew in my heart that we were not going to be going anywhere--although all the signs pointed to needing to leave. We were not even looking for a job in the US as a "back up plan." Someone at church asked how we could be so calm in the time of the unknown. I answered that it was either faith or denial, but I knew we were staying. I felt totally at peace with all that was happening. I totally celebrated and breathed a prayer of thanksgiving when the extension came through---but I had never lost the feeling of peace. I could have panicked and worried during those weeks, but it would have done me no good. By not striving to change anything while waiting on God's timing we ended up leaving a testimony that I would never have anticipated--one of patience and peace in the unknown.

Nine years later as we were waiting on paperwork to clear for our move to Ireland, and I discovered I was pregnant, I again had a perfect human right to panic and worry about what we were going to do. Instead we took the attitude "it is what it is" and that God was not surprised by the timing of any of it. With that mindset, we were able to remain calm in the turmoil of an international move. We could have waited until the baby came but we would have missed the blessing of the help that God had already prepared for us. We could have fretted and worried, but then the girls would have missed seeing a move as God's plan and began to see it as something that was to be avoided. By embracing the life given with all its crazy timing we were able to demonstrate a level of peace that others noticed.

Our life is often filled with the unexpected timing or humanly unplanned changes. We have chosen to keep an attitude that nothing surprises God and to welcome whatever he throws our way. I can testify that in that acceptance, peace has come that has provided the strength and perseverance to accept the changes. I hope that continues to be my testimony. I pray that it may also be your testimony of peace.

And, if you see me panicking over some unforeseen something in my life, please be my friend and point me back to this post. *smile*

Tami at The Next Step is our amazing hostess this week. Go and visit, I know you will be blessed!


Tami Boesiger said...

Amen, friend. ACCEPTANCE of God's plan, whether we like it or not, brings peace. You've had lots of practice at this. Good thing. :)

And yet more proof we are twins separated at birth? "It is what it is" is a phrase often used at our house too.

I'm proud of you. Thanks for being willing to take the hard role of example. Love you.

Debbie said...

I love your real life examples of maintaining peace in the midst of uncertainty. It's obvious that your trust is in the Lord. Having gone through times like that, it's good to look back and remember God's faithfulness. Thank you for sharing your stories with us on this quote.

blessings and love,

Cin said...

Wonderful stories, Friend. I wish I could say I walk straight with peace and acceptance like this, but sometimes I swerve and get into the muck.

I really like who you are. And those sweet children are going to be so awesome.