Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In Other Words--Loving not Alienating


"Nothing humbles and breaks the heart of a sinner
like mercy and love.
Souls that converse much with sin and wrath,
may be much terrified;
but souls that converse much with grace and mercy,
will be much humbled.”

~Thomas Brooks (1608 – 1680)~
Some events over the weekend reminded me of a friend who came to know Christ a few years ago. When German and I first met him we commented how sad it was that he wasn't a believer--he lived with integrity, had a comfortable life and didn't see a need for God. He was one of those "good guys" who didn't do anything majorly bad so really did not see himself as a sinner.

His sin could have been pointed out to him. He could have been hit over the head with the news of the depravity of man. He could have been admonished that no one was good. He could have easily been alienated from the things of Christ.

Instead, we (and others) just chose to love him. Include him. Enjoy his company and the company of his family. We invited him to events at church he might enjoy. We declined invitations that interfered with church and made other arrangements. And when he hit a difficult time we offered to pray for him (and faithfully prayed) and just loved his family.

Then we each moved different directions chasing career. We stayed in touch, but not real close. One day German got an email that simply said, "I thought you would want to know I was baptised last week." Rejoicing.

I am so thankful we chose the path of loving than of preaching. So thankful he found acceptance and not alienation. And now we have eternity with him.

Father God, help me to be more loving, more merciful, extend more grace and proclaim less judgment. Help me love my friends into your kingdom for your sake. Amen.

This week Twinkle Mom of Sunflower Faith is our hostess. It is her very first time to host In Other Words. Please go welcome her and join the conversation. Blessings my friends!


Karen said...

Imagine where we would all be if we were hit over the head time and time again with our sin. Praise the Lord God doesn't do that to us and we shouldn't do it to others. God's love and mercy is for all of us how dare we hog it all to ourselves and not share it. Sorry I was out of commission last week, I lost my power to a snow storm for two days.

Marsha Young said...

"one of those 'good guys' who didn't see a need" for God.

I had an Aunt and Uncle like that. Lovely people, kind, generous.

You are so right, hitting people over the head with God only produces lumps and bumps, not grace and salvation.

God bless you . Marsha

Twinkle Mom @ Sunflower Faith said...

I think Marsha says it best,"hitting people over the head with God only produces lumps and bumps, not grace and salvation"...Coming from someone who came to know Christ later in life, I was given a lot of lumps and bumps versus grace and salvation and as a non-Christian, it didn't leave me feeling, "Wow, I need God in my life," but more of "Take cover, more lumps and bumps...runnnn!!".

We are to be His light, His ambassadors and we don't need people to fear us when we approach them, but go, "We need and want to hear more" and if someone is hurt, lost or broken, the last thing they need is more condemnation and guilt...Our Father came to free us, not enslave us in more bondage and neither should we.

Love love your reminder of our impact on others!!

Bonnie W said...

The longer I'm in ministry, the more wisdom I see in the idea of just loving people. We try so hard to change them rather than letting God do it. Thank you for sharing this wonderful testimony today Miriam!

Tami Boesiger said...

Amen sister. Your gentle love no doubt caused a difference in his life. Well done.

Cindy said...

"Instead, we (and others) just chose to love him. Include him. Enjoy his company and the company of his family."
Just like Jesus, Miriam! These words touched me so deeply.
Peter said to love each other deeply because it covers a multitude of sin. Thank you for these words and thank you so much for your heart.