Tuesday, February 01, 2011

In Other Words--Irreversibly Changed for Good


Thank you for joining me for In Other Words today. I pray as you visit sites, read posts on the quote and maybe even post your own thoughts that you will be blessed by reflecting on how God irreversibly changes us.

“I will never be the same again,
I can never return, I’ve closed the door.
I will walk the path, I’ll run the race
And I will never be the same again.”
~ lyrics by Geoff Bullock ~

The first time I heard this song was two or three weeks after moving to England. It struck a deep chord as I realised that this two year experience was going to be one of those moments that God would use to forever change me. This week we celebrate our tenth year of this two year experience. As we travel and visit in the US, I am once again struck with how much we have changed--in language, taste, world awareness and dependence on God.

Perhaps I am more aware because we chose the grand experimental expat life that events change you forever, but I do know that it is not only in the huge changes in our lives that he changes us. Our journey with God should always be changing and transforming us. The Psalmist calls us to
Sing to the LORD a new song,
for he has done marvelous things;
his right hand and his holy arm
have worked salvation for him.
The LORD has made his salvation known
and revealed his righteousness to the nations.
Psalm 98:1-2
I've written before how amazed I am each year as God deepens and changes my song. That is how it should be. Every time we trust God and take another step of faith we should be forever changed.

In the last two years we have walked through a leadership upheaval at church, a change of job, a move to a new city followed quickly by a move to a different house, the loss of my mother, the change of church membership and involvement, and the settling into new routines. Any one of these events could have challenged us to abandon our faith. Yet at each step of the way, he has not abandoned us. He has proven faithful and used each event to deepen us and strengthen us. When all else was lost, He was the one sure thing. I cannot go back to the person I was two years ago. It is impossible. I cannot be the same daughter I was--that irreversibly changed with my mother's death. I cannot be the same teacher/minister I was--that irreversibly changed with the leadership upheaval. I cannot be the same wife I was--shared experiences change how we relate. Relationships changed. Emotional ties strengthened. Dependence on God and not man's approval deepened.

I will never be my 2009 self again. And that is good. In 2015, I should be able to say "I will never be my 2011 self again." God is constantly growing us so that we are not the same again. Sometimes that growth comes with pain, but that growth is worth it.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.
Romans 12:2

Thank you Father for not ever leaving me where I am at but for always growing me to the next goal. Keep me always changing. Help me to always be thankful for the change. Amen

Please join us by sharing ways God has changed you, irreversibly. We would love to be encouraged by your story. You can link to your post below. Thanks for coming and have a blessed day!


Karen said...

"Growing us to the next goal." Love it. I love how God operates in our lives as He takes us places not to leave us there but to move us along forever forward. Thanks for hosting today.

Tami Boesiger said...

You're brave to pray "Keep me always changing." Maybe all you've been through in the last two years has produced such courage. I praise God He's held you close in this stormy time. And I pray He strengthens you with joy. Love you friend. Thanks for being a wonderful example for the rest of us.

Loni said...

With you, I am thankful I am not the same person I was in years past . . . and I am thankful too how God has carried us both and CONTINUES to!

Thank you so much for sharing and hosting! Blessings!

Jennifer said...

This quote has been good to reflect on...thank you for hosting and for selecting it! I, too, am so thankful that He doesn't leave us where we are. Sometimes it's hard to be thankful for the changes...but they *are* a blessing regardless. Thanks for sharing this this week.

Marsha Young said...

As you describe your past two years I am reminded of something I always say, "Sometimes life bunches up on us."

It certainly sounds like yours did, and yet you allowed God to prove his faithfulness to you through it all. A wonderful testimony. God bless you. Marsha

Bonnie W said...

I love how God keeps deepening and changing our song as you put it. It is the deepening process that grows wisdom in our lives and the changes keep us alive and vibrant for Him.

You chose a great quote this week. Thanks!

cin said...

"Every time we trust God and take another step of faith we should be forever changed."
I love that you know God was about to change you forever. I love how you embraced it.
Growing...Miriam...it makes me sigh deeply.
As always, thank you for your life story, your words of encouragement.
Hugging you big.