Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Journey to Advent--Day One


Isaiah 43:1-7

There are so many thing which can capture us in fear:
  • financial burdens
  • loneliness
  • health concerns
  • natural disasters

Fear abounds, but need not control. We as a people of faith and hope are commanded to not fear.

The thing about these verses is that the do not tell us to not fear because these things will not happen to us. Not at all. Instead it says, "when it happens" and "as you pass through it" to not fear. Why? Because He who has delivered entire nations will also deliver and protect us in our troubles.

On this first reading of Advent, join me in recognizing where fear has a grip. Surrender those things to the One who can manage them. Let us enter this Christmas season free from fear and filled with joy.

Father take away fear's grip on my life. Replace it with trust in you and fill my December with your joy. Amen.

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