Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In Other Words--Glimpses of Sunshine


LLike any mom, at times I’ve felt like a failure.
And other times I’ve felt as if God reached down and added an extra touch of sunshine to the day.”

By author Tricia Goyer, on her webpage

On the motherhood stress scale, moving your children away from all of their friends and familiarity to a brand new place must rank near the top. It has broken my heart and made me feel like a complete failure every time someone asked Jewel if she was excited about the move and she answered with a scowl, "no." I have fretted over what church will offer them the best opportunities to grow and to make friends. I have prayed that they will make friends with the kids in the cul de sac. I've watched tempers slip and emotions rise in the midst of trying to get the house in order. A large neon "Failure" sign seems to appear questioning if this was a good idea.

But then. Or, more specifically But God. (Don't you love the sound of those words "but God.")

But God has given us not just touches of sunshine; he has sent glorious basking sunshine. I have sat at the kitchen table watching the abandonment into joy as the girls play on the swing set left by the previous tenant. I've overheard the conversations between them where Jewel admits to Flower "I like this house better." I watched on our second Sunday visiting a church a little girl fly out of her seat and hug Flower and lead her to the "saved" seat in case she came back. I've reveled in the excited chatter of Jewel telling me about her new friends in Sunday School.

Moving could make me feel like a colossal failure. BUT GOD sends sunshine into the chaos of potential failure and ministers not only to me but to my girls. And that is enough to energize the next step.

Father God, thank you for leading us in this move. Thank you for the amazing physical sunshine you sent every single day of the packing, loading, unloading and unpacking. Thank you for the spiritual sunshine that lightens our spirits and reminds us that you truly are in this move and it is within your will. Continue to lead us to the friends and the place of worship that your ordain for us. Continue to send glimpses of sunshine when the rain of failure threatens to alter my perception. And we will do our best to honour you in this place. Amen.

Our hostess for In Other Words this week is Loni at Writing Canvas. Go, visit and be blessed.


Karen said...

That was really good. I like the phrase "but God" too. Its the end of the sentence we often ignore. The part that reminds us how awesome and wonderful God is.

godsown said...

To " keep on" seeing God was also on my frame of mind when writin "IOWT"


Tami Boesiger said...

SOOO glad your move is going well! Indeed, God is good.