Monday, March 08, 2010

In Other Words--Move in My Less


Thank you for joining me for In Other Words this week! I pray you will be blessed as you follow the links and read what the amazing ladies who write for this meme add to the conversation.

“There’s somethin I learned when I was homeless:
Our limitation is God’s opportunity.
When you get all the way to the end of your rope and there ain’t nothin you can do, that’s when God takes over.”
~ Denver Moore~
Same Kind of Different As Me
(co-written with Ron Hall, with Lynn Vincent)

I'm sure it won't surprise my regular readers that I have a few control issues. I like knowing what is happening, why it is happening and when it is going to happen. I don't do surprises well and it takes very little to to move me out of my comfort zone. God has lovingly and methodically expanded that comfort zone over the years, but when the circumstances get rough I definitely try to reign it in.

This past year been one that God has said to me "I'm in control, just trust me." And it has been hard. Who am I kidding, it is still hard. Yet there are some eye-opening things that God has done and has taught me and has allowed me to see in this year. One of those things he used to open my eyes was this book, "Same Kind of Different as Me." It challenged me, it made me cry, it made me laugh--sometimes simultaneously. I walked away wanting to be a little bit like any of the three main characters in the book.

When I read this quote (above), my heart resonated with it. The logical part of me said "but I've never been homeless." God whispered in my spirit, "but you have been ----less." I let you fill in the "----less" for you. Maybe it's jobless, or childless or friendless or courageless (*shrug* it could be a word). You know what is the "----less" that has brought you to the end of yourself. The thing that made you say "ok God, I get it, I'll trust you." I know what it has been for me. Before reading this book, I would have labeled that thing as being a liability, a character flaw, a problem. But Mr. Moore reminded me that it is none of those things. It is instead the opportunity for God to move in my life. It is the breathing space that moves me out of the way so that God can move unhindered by my interference.

Are you at the end of your ability? Do you see no way forward? Have you faced your "----less" and shuddered or cringed? Maybe it is time to embrace it. Maybe it is time to thank God for the opportunity that he has created in your life for his spirit to move. Maybe it is time to let God take over.

Father God, you know the "less" in my life. You know the "less" in the lives of the readers who visit here today. Help all of us to see the opportunity for you to move in those qualities. Develop in us the trust that is necessary to not interfere. Make us "less" so you can be more. Amen.


Debbie said...

I'm in the midst of my less ...

I had to participate this week when I read your quote. Loved this book!

I always love to read you IOWT posts. You always offer much insight that is so helpful to me.


Denise Hughes said...

Thank you for choosing such a poignant quote. I love how you personalized the "----less" in all of us. It' so true. When we are at our weakest, He is strong.

mamas*little*treasures said...

Thanks for sharing this great quote! What a reminder we all need, especially me ;o) because I definitely keep trying and trying to do it all by myself, I guess so I don't need to "bother" God with my trivial "needs." You're the best! Thanks, I needed that today ;o) Nina

Tami Boesiger said...

MiPa, this is one of your best posts. You've given us much to think about. What is my ----less? How is God using it for my good? Have I been getting in His way? And I love this beautiful sentence regarding what we see as our weaknesses:

It is the breathing space that moves me out of the way so that God can move unhindered by my interference.

Thank you for traveling through the hard stuff to be all He intends you to be. You are beautiful.

Karen said...

I think courageless is a word :) I've be there in my "less" many times. What a blessing to have God on our side.

janet said...

Yes we all most certainly have our "___less's". A rewarding pain to endure.

I think the last sentence in the prayer is powerful! :o)

Jennifer said...

"It is the breathing space that moves me out of the way so that God can move unhindered by my interference."

Wow! I love that sentence. So very, very true.

Thanks for selecting this quote. I need to go read the book now. :) It was good for me to write on this today, and good to read your post today as well. Thank you!