Friday, January 02, 2015

First 2015 Goal Post

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I know I haven't posted one of these since October, so this seems a little ambitious.  But I know that I am much more apt to meet goals if I actually put them somewhere that is seen than hold onto them in my head.  So my one true resolution this year is to post goals for each month and track progress.  I do have a master list for the year, but I will keep it flexible based on month-to-month responsibilities.

But, first, to review.  My 2014 master list:
  Cross-stitch:  Finish Autumn at Hawk Run--YES
                        Start and finish Fairy Moon--40% complete
                        Start and Finish Solitude--no
                        Finish old Teacup Round Robin--Yes, including framed
                        Finish old Fish Bowl Round Robin--Yes
                        Xmas ornaments for the kids--Yes
                        Finish one set Bride's Tree Ornaments--Yes & presented as gift
                        Progress NRR to 50%--about 30%
                        Start stockings for kids--No

  Other:            Read 25 books (non-school related)--6 read
                        Post 100 time on blog--24 posts
                        Write 24 real letters--4 letters

In general, I'm okay with this.  Life happened.  A move happened.  School reading took more time than I planned.  I finished 2 UFO stitching projects and started a new project not planned for at beginning of year.  So, not a bad year.

My JANUARY goals are:
1. Complete the 2015 RR I will receive mid-month
2.  Finish stitching on Fairy Moon and possibly start beading
3.  Blog 4 times
4. Write 2 letters
5. Lose 2 pounds
6. Memorize 2 verses with the Siestas at Living Proof
7.  Stitch 2 Bride's Tree ornaments
8.  Finish one book for fun and 4 school-related books

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