Friday, March 08, 2013

Day Trips Post Two: Gouda, The Netherlands

Sorry for the long delay in sharing more day trips. Photobucket has changed its photo editor, and is giving me fits for editing and uploading pictures. Maybe I've got it sorted.

We first visited Gouda, Netherlands eleven years ago. German and I were visiting the tulip fields around Amsterdam and decided to take a day to go explore cheese farms as well. We had some wonderful farm cheese, watched the production of the cheese and then went into town to find something to eat. We had never really eaten Greek food before, but the restaurant was inviting and it sounded good. And it was. For years we talked about one of our "top ten meals of all time was Greek food in Holland". It became legend in our house. And we were pretty sure we were making it better in our memories than it was in reality.

Then three years ago we were back in Belgium and decided to take the girls up to explore the cheese farms and maybe find our restaurant again...

It was just as good the second time around. We were hooked.

So when German innocently said before Christmas, "Sometime during the break I want to eat Greek food," I didn't think much of it. We have a lovely Greek place within walking distance of our house. But then he made his intentions clearer. "I want to go back to Gouda." Okay.

It is a three hour drive from our house. We left late morning, had a little fondue for lunch, did a little shopping (okay a lot of shopping--we like cheese in our house). Then we had dinner. And it is still one of our top ten meals.

We've decided maybe we won't have to wait three years this time.

Here is the town hall of Gouda. Beautiful during the day.
 photo CIMG8598_zps068d9ef0.jpg

Amazing at night!
 photo CIMG8654_zps10a99b40.jpg

Since it was Christmas time, there was an ice skating rink set up behind city hall. It was surrounded by these lanterns designed by a local school. I loved them.
 photo IMG_9740_zps840c9ce1.jpg

An amazing day out. Great meal, lovely sites and back to sleep in our own bed that night.

We went back a few weeks later with my Dad and his wife. This time we visited a cheese farm and just enjoyed the sights.

Cheese for sale:
 photo cheese-on-shelf_zps816b8857.jpg

The measuring house where the cheese would have been weighed for sale:
 photo measuring-house-a_zps25a0aa99.jpg

 photo measuring-house_zps876dd1b9.jpg

Two of my favourite people in one of my favourite places!
 photo gouda_zpsc006e57d.jpg

Next up: Belgium!

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