Sunday, February 03, 2013

February Goal Post

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In January my goals were to:

1.  Stay on track with Daniel study --poor job here
2.  Continue to actively seek a friendship that could grow into prayer/study partner.--YES! We are deciding on a Bible Study and who to invite
3.  Write every week.  Post on blog at least 8 times during January.  Wrote every week, have five drafts in progress, did not post 8 times.
4.  Finish Multiplication cross stitch.  YES
5.  Stitch 2 Bride's Tree ornaments.  Actually stitched three
6.  Organise my sewing area--in progress
7.  Find a German tutor--YES and lessons are going okay

February Goals:
1.  Get back on track with Daniel study
2.  Choose a Bible Study with my friend
3.  Write every week.  Post the travel posts and MMs in February
4.  Stitch 1 Bride's Tree ornament
5.  Stitch "I am my Beloved" cross stitch
6.  Finish organising my sewing area
7.  Continue German lessons
8.  Enjoy Carneval with my family!

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