Sunday, September 04, 2011

September Goals


In August I set goals as:
1. Write an update post for April-July and then write 2-3 blog posts a week--finally posted an update, not successful on 2-3 per week
2. Finish getting school things ready for Sept-Oct--about halfway there
3. Download pictures off the camera in order to accomplish #1--yes
4. Complete 2 Bride's Tree ornaments--no
5. Complete 4 blocks on big cross stitch project--completed three
6. Read one non-school book--read one, listened to another on cd, and pre-read two of Jewel's school books
7. Enjoy a beach holiday---yes, yes, yes (pictures someday)

September goals:
1.  Finish prepping for school start at the end of September
2.  Complete 4 blocks on big cross stitch project
3.  Complete 2 Bride's Tree ornaments
4.  Post at least 2 blog entries per week
5.  Complete project to put old financial records on dvd and shred records
6.  Finish putting pictures on walls of new house

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