Monday, January 03, 2011

Visual I'm Pondering


Yesterday was an observance of communion at my church. In this church, communal cups are passed in the rows. I had the girls with me and German was not there, so I was most concerned about Jewel not dropping the cup as it was passed to the person on the other side of her. I find that a common occurrence whilst observing communion is that everyone seems to take hurried sips and passing it on, rather than contemplating the significance. And hurried is how I felt yesterday as I sipped the cup, passed it through Jewel's hands and then took a quick moment for prayer.

Then, God showed me how it should be.

I looked up just as one of the praise band members received the cup. He held it firmly in both hands, breathed in the aroma of the wine, then drank deeply. He held the cup a moment more, then passed it on to the next member.

He was not hurried.
He would not be rushed.
He appeared unaware of everything around him as he breathed in the aroma and drank deeply of His Father's sacrifice.

It is an image I've been pondering ever sense. I want to not be hurried. I want to be so focused on my communion with God that I am not rushed by my perception of others around me.

I want to drink deeply of my Father's Love in His Sacrifice.


Tami Boesiger said...

I want to be so focused on my communion with God that I am not rushed by my perception of others around me.

Amen, friend.

Marsha Young said...

To "drink deeply of my Father's love" - what a wonderful admonition. Too often I sip quickly - something to think about indeed. We have hummingbirds in our yard, and they sip very quickly, but occasionally one of them actually rests on the feeder for several minutes. It is then that I can actually see their beauty best.

Maybe I will see the beauty around me better, if I slow down a little and drink more deeply of the Father's love. God bless you-Marsha Y.

Cindy said...

Me too. Whispered. "Drink deeply of my Father's Love"

thank you.

Christine said...

I love this word picture and totally know what you mean about feeling rushed in the communion sacrament. What a beautiful example God gave you when you raised your eyes!