Monday, August 02, 2010

Marriage Monday--Romantic Foods

Welcome to Marriage Monday! This month it is all about romantic food--picnics, favourites and flops. My plan had been to interview German about his favourites this weekend, but an unplanned day at the deer park and an evening (and late night) of vacation planning means the interview was forgotten. So instead, I'll use E-Mom's questions and give what I'm pretty sure would be his answers. (I'll check with him later to see how well I did.)

1. Would you name three dinner entrees that you really enjoyed lately?

Based on the reactions I know that two of them would be Chicken Cordon Bleu and Lasagna. The leg of lamb also went over well for a first try.

Cordon Bleu always takes us back to our first romantic dinner that I cooked when I asked him what his favourite meal was and this is what he said. I had never heard of it, much less cooked it. But with the help of a friend I found a recipe and endeavored to create it--and it worked! Lasagna is a family favourite but since we limit carb intake it is a rare treat.

I'll add that if I was answering this question, the BBQ pork steaks that German cooked last night were absolutely to die for!

2. In your opinion, which ones flopped?

The courgette casserole. That would be his definitive answer, and I would definitely agree.

There have been some spectacular flops in our past--homemade rolls that were anything but soft, gravies that never thickened, cakes that looked more like pancakes, mashed potatoes that turned to soup before getting to the mashing stage. Especially when we first moved to England and I was learning different ingredients with new measurements and new ovens the disasters abounded. But we usually manage to laugh our way through them.

3. Which foods would you like more of?

German always answers "what do you want me to cook this week" with the answer "filet mignon." Which is impossible since we do not eat beef here. Grass-fed beef just does not taste the same as corn-fed beef. So I know what he misses is a lot of our beef dishes from the States. He would love it if I could get tuna steaks to grill, but they are not in abundance here in the Midlands. He often requests salmon which I am happy to oblige. Salmon is another one of our "romantic" dinner foods as we both learned to like salmon whilst we lived in Spokane. But what German consistently wants more of is the "comfort foods" like fish pie, chicken pot pie, kielbasa in mac n' cheese and tuna casserole. Those are the foods he calls "home foods."

4. What would you like to see banished from our menu?

Liver and onions. But to be honest I never cook it when he is home. He just likes to tease about it. I don't know how he would honestly answer this question.

5. Secretly, what dessert have you really been craving?

Not so secretly, creme brulee. I suspect lemon meringue pie or pecan pie might be a secret craving. Maybe I need to do some baking.

There you have it, a few of the foods that make memories in our house.  You can visit E-Mom to learn what foods make memories in her house and follow the links to the others. I'm getting hungry.


Tami Boesiger said...

Just thinking about my husband's answers to these questions inspires me to get cooking too!

I pray you're getting settled, friend. Love you.

Constance said...

Liver and Onions would be grounds for divorce with my Hubby!! (just kidding of course, he'd go eat a PB&J sandwich!)

I can't appreciate how difficult it is living away from home and learning how to cook not only with different measurements and such but the lack of availability of specific staples!

I've has some flops as well. If I make something new I always Dave what he thinks. If he thinks it's average, I make an un-smiley face in the margin!

"Nothin' says lovin' like something from the oven!"

Tony Gates said...
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Julie The Surrendered Scribe said...

It's fun reading the different answers, and now I'm hungry! Great post!

April@The 21st Century Housewife said...

So many of the dishes you mentioned sound delicious - although I don't like liver and onions either! I've had plenty of disasters in the kitchen as well - I don't know anyone who hasn't :-) And the idea of creme brulee is definitely making me hungry!

tonya said...

I wouldn't eve try liver and onions with my hubby! I have had my own disasters in the kitchen myself.
But all your meals made me hungry!
Great post!

e-Mom said...

Gosh... your husband has near-identical food tastes to mine... or pretty close. I'm surprised e-Dad didn't mention chicken cordon blue! He always asks for that when we want to celebrate something. (One big difference; since we live in the PNW, e-Dad is very tired of salmon. I still love it though!)

I enjoyed your "mock interview" immensely!

Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday, MiPa!

Denise said...

This was fun.

e-Mom said...

P.S. e-Dad wanted me to tell you that the Mexican restaurant we were looking for was somewhere near Sheffield. We never did find it, but he ran into someone recently who confirmed that it really is there.

Now isn't it strange that you would hear about a restaurant recommendation from someone in Washington state? ღ

Faith said...

Your hubby's comfort foods are some of my own hubby's faves. It's funny to read about your dislike for grass fed beef....we much prefer that and can't get it often here in NYS unless i wanna pay big $$$. We had it for first time on our honeymoon in Aruba. the beef came from Venezuela. it was the best beef we've ever had.
This topic was lots of fun, wasn't it?

Joyfull said...

I enjoyed reading about your husband's favorites! I need to do that just to keep a check up on mine's favorites! Thanks for sharing.